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Do you wonder why Spatial Harmony ?

This name conveys the simple, design ethos message, which I implement in my work.

It indicates that successful design is a combination of dimensions of height, depth, and width with the quality of form and sense of tranquillity which forms a pleasing, consistent and coherent whole. 




I clearly remember the day I decided to study Architecture and Town Planning. It was an EUREKA moment for me.

I loved to sketch and I was impressed by the technical precision. The combination of those two, very simple and relatively irreverent fascinations, has led me to the place I am now.

I have obtained Master Degree in Architecture and Town Planning in  2003 at Politechnika GdaƄska in Poland but my professional career started earlier when i was working as a freelance Interior Designer
In September 2012 i have finished MA course in Urban Design at the Newcastle University. 




My UK career started in November 2003, when I had arrived in Newcastle upon Tyne. Since then I have worked for EJ Badekabiner, Gentoo Homes and Browne Smith Baker Architects in design capacity. 

The disciplines I am involved with are in range from Architecture, Urban Design to Interior Design. For past couple of years I also have been intensely  involved with the design of the project presentations.

I have had an opportunity to explore and expand my computing skills by using graphics software i have become more involved in preparing number of architectural illustrations for various purposes such as public and planning consultations, Design & Access statement documents, coloured site layout montages, house types plans, elevations and streetscapes. I have also been delivering and managing production of presentation boards for clients and local authorities, bid document and leaflets.




My experience of using graphic software has introduced me to another side of design, where I started to utilise my skills in photography and thereafter photo improving, editing and montaging techniques.




Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and feel free to contact me.



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